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I think I know
who I am always
It doesn’t matter if I am here or there
I believe it is me
who ponders this question.

Each decision of yes or no
to move or not
in speech or silence
creates a world, no a universe of itself
living out your existence as if you did this or that,
perhaps all as one
an eternity of funhouse mirrors
reflecting that exact moment back
except for an atom out of line.

Staggered photos that start out identical
then in each snapshot morph slightly away
until the arrow of time pushes us to be unrecognizable.
Separated by wisps of space
stretched to the eternity of our universe.
A myriad of blinking frames
that becomes one life
when projected as a movie,
only in a theatre infinitely expanded
to be able to hold the creator.

Perhaps we are all the versions of ourselves
linked through a common soul
rotating like a Rolodex
to the intent that we choose,
Our consciousness the wires
upon that our intent travels
linking thought to our already created reality.
Unbelievably, each nano moment
an intent becomes a reality
that is set in motion
launched toward an eternity already lived.
A constant chance to choose
among alternatives hanging in a closet of selves
that expands forever.
For each shift in the smallest entity
to yet ever to be discovered,
I am this now lived to eternity
then, I am this now lived to eternity
then, I become this now lived to eternity
repeated forever,
until I and you and them
before, now and then
are the god for whom we have searched,
both the prayer and its answer
that we have always been.

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