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Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness, Counseling, NYC, Upper West Side, NYC, Therapist, PsychotherapistMindfulness is a scientific proven method for bringing more calmness, focus, patience and improvement to your relationships. I use mindfulness in my every day counseling practice with individuals and couples. In addition, I offer workshops on mindfulness for police, teachers and educators, parents, and health care providers.

I ground myself in the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and Daniel Siegel. They have impacted my work tremendously and I’m very happy to offer clients an approach to counseling and therapy which tends to the mind, body, and soul.

I hold an Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop that presents the scientific principles behind, and the benefits of mindfulness, as well as beginning techniques that you can use immediately to reduce your stress and improve your focus and awareness.

When: 2nd Saturday of each month. 10-12:00pm

Cost: $50

If you are then interested in continuing your learning more advanced classes are available. Please contact me for more info and registration.

Mindfulness Workshops for Schools and Organizations

Mindfulness workshops geared to specific groups and occupations including Parents, Teachers and Educators, Health Care Providers, Police, and First Responders are available.

The cost, structure, and format for this workshop is customized to your organizations unique needs. Please contact me and together we will determine what is best for your organization.

Benefits of Mindfulness:

For Parents: Mindfulness can help parents improve patience, foster a better parent-child bond, maintain calm in response to crisis, foster a calming environment for your child, increase parental confidence, improve relationships and friendships, improve communication skills, improve health and energy, improve sleep, maintain consistency in rules and discipline, and improve feelings of intimacy.

For Teachers and Educators: Mindfulness can help Teachers and Educators improve mood, improve teacher-student interaction, be more creative, have more patience, communicate better with administration, improve mood and maintain good mood despite difficulties, maintain better boundaries between work and home, and maintain consistency in rules and discipline.

For Health Care Providers: Mindfulness can help Health Care Providers better manage stress, improve communication with patients and staff, improve relationships with family and friends, make better decisions, improve work-home conflicts, and improve mood.

For Police and First Responders: Mindfulness can help improve decision-making, improve mood and maintain a more consistent optimistic and upbeat mood, manage anger, communicate better, consider options before responding, reduce stress, remain calm in difficult situations, reduce unpleasant and disruptive habits, have better relationships with supervisors and peers, control repetitive and unwanted thoughts, and increase feelings of competence.

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