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NYC Psychotherapist, Upper West Side Psychotherapy, Therapist, UWS, CPWPsychotherapy is an experience of becoming. It’s a journey which begins today with your present life, travels back in time to explore your roots and how you have come to be, and releases you with presence, awareness, and new ways of experiencing yourself and others.

You may find:

  • You feel something is not quite right with your life.
  • That you are feeling an unease or discomfort with your work and relationships.
  • Perhaps this feeling has led you to difficulty with concentration and focusing on what you need to do.
  • You can’t find a way to express your creativity and zest for life.
  • Or maybe you have become concerned with your eating and sleeping habits, or other unwanted habits and behaviors.

The focus of my psychotherapy practice is providing counseling for individuals and couples who are in crisis in terms of life transitions, decisions, and major life change which may include:

  • Reassessment around life goals/direction.
  • Job loss or career transitions.
  • Dissatisfaction with life and love relationships and the need for life change.
  • Illness and loss.
  • Infertility, miscarriage, and postpartum depression.
  • Unplanned pregnancy, decisions to terminate, and personal struggles after termination.

In my experience you may be out of touch with an important part of your self that is making you feel anxious, uncomfortable and pointing to the lack of passion and excitement you want in your life. I can help reunite you with this part of yourself that has been longing for air to breathe, and space to thrive.  You will find relief from unwanted ways of being, and increase your satisfaction with work, relationships, and expressing your creativity.

Let us take control of those thoughts, feelings and actions that are holding you captive in your own life. We will create a solid, stable ground for you to walk, so you may find a new path to take on your journey toward health and well being.

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