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To Remember

Dr, mitchell saskin, Upper West Side, Psychotherapist, Therapist, Psychologist

In the silence

moments lay burdened

or exalted,

reaching within to remember

each tear hanging

swimming into buckets

that lay so heavy

in a sigh.

The silence gathering

the years of sorrows

and missed passions

in seeds laying dormant in regret.

Yet in a fateful meeting

the moisture flows again

from forgotten springs

gently awakening

slowly to remind,

then gushing

to flood each cell with your memory.

To live again, then to pause

in the reality of passing time

and obligations.

Returning to sow the seeds

with renewed patience.

In respect it is nurtured

in awe it is feared and courted.

Its power is in the celebration

of life.

~ Dr. Mitchell Saskin

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