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Poetry, Dr. Mitchell Saskin, Upper West Side, NYC, Psychotherapist, Holistic Therapist

The wind is my mirror

blowing my projections, back upon

my own reflection.

I love to look from without

hidden by my thoughts and theories.

The fantasy in their play

the ripple of passion upon

an unfamiliar face.

They are happier, smarter

perhaps even sadder, in a deeper way.

A depth that is seen

only in the distance

distorted by their anonymity.

Playing with their faces,

I send a forbidden thought

into another’s mouth,

a pristine love in her eyes,

a game of pantomime

upon the world.

With all my insides

turned outsides,

balloons feel ready to pop

as they are floating

towards the astuteness of my denial.

I am bursting upon the reality

that is bouncing from stranger’s eyes

to my own whispers,

only now ready to be heard.

~ Dr. Mitchell Saskin

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