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After The Storm

Mindfulness, NYC Psychotherapist, Upper West Side, NYC, Counselor, Therapist, Holistic Therapist

We are the light

not the clouds floating through

leaving shadows reflecting

upon our ground.

From above

we are pure and clear,

startling as an untouched mountain brook.

Flowing without meaning, unattached

only to feel its path

gently shaped by eternity.

We can lay back in trust

as we careen

through boulders and pebbles alike

to play, as we splash

drenched with our faith.

From below

we see only tears,

drawn upward toward salvation,

yet still caught in that space

of doubt and fear.

Lacking faith in its journey

each instinct of Earth

pulls on the darkness

to distract

from such sadness.

The clouds become ours

an unbearable weight

ready to burst.

We then flee from the inevitable,

dashing from shadow to shadow

while cursing ourselves,

as if it is our own tears

that will rain down

to flood and drown us.

We forget in this mass of panic

that the light remains above,

it is our tears that will burn to cinder

the very source

we wish to heal.

The light is never gone

even as the darkest of our days

strains our mortal souls.

Let it pour,

let our tears of separation

come surging

out of every speck of sky.

For we will be

spinning and dancing in our love

sliding upon the soaking ground

of our passion.

Knowing the warmth

that is always behind all

is watching us with unwavering patience

as we learn once again,

to play.

Dr. Mitchell Saskin

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